Innovative solutions for Mediterranean Ecosystem Remediation

iMERMAID EU project

CubexLab has recently joined a groundbreaking European Union funded project that aims to enhance and develop innovative technological solutions for the monitoring and sustainable management of marine ecosystems.
This project represents a significant step forward in our collective efforts to address the pressing challenges faced by our oceans and ensure their long-term health and vitality.

As a leading technology SME, CubexLab brings a wealth of expertise and experience to this project.
The company’s advanced technological capabilities and commitment to innovation make them an invaluable partner in the pursuit of sustainable solutions for marine ecosystem management. With their cutting-edge technologies and deep understanding of the industry, CubexLab is well-positioned to contribute to the development of state-of-the-art tools and systems that will revolutionize the way we monitor and manage our marine environments.

About project:


iMERMAID is an EU-funded project that will develop, deploy and demonstrate advanced, innovative and reproducible solutions to prevent, monitor, and remedy toxic and persistent chemical pollution in the Mediterranean Sea basin.

iMERMAID seeks to create an evidence-based multidimensional framework that will guide policymaking and transform societal perceptions regarding CoEC usage, emissions, and pollution. It aims to develop next-generation sensor and remediation technologies to effectively monitor and remove prioritized chemicals at their source, thus minimizing upstream pollution.

The project brings together a diverse interdisciplinary team comprising SMEs, researchers, regulators, and innovation professionals. This collaborative effort aims to enhance knowledge and awareness of CoEC while also strengthening regulations, expanding economic possibilities, and improving the standard of living for EU residents.

Ultimately, iMERMAID strives to create a zero-pollution environment and contaminant-free waters in the Mediterranean Sea basin, aligning with the goals of the Chemical Strategy.

By integrating innovative solutions and fostering collaboration, iMERMAID aims to mitigate the impact of human activities on the Mediterranean Sea and promote sustainable practices for the future.


  1. Pollution reduction via influencing public opinion and policy making
  2. Mature and develop Innovative, reproducible technologies to monitor pollution from chemicals.
  3. Mature and develop Innovative, reproducible technologies to reduce and remediate water from
  4. Integrate a set of compatible techniques and technology and carry out demonstration activities in 3
    different areas of the Mediterranean Sea basin, comprising all relevant stakeholders to ensure wide take-up, sustainable development, expansion, and exploitation of the project’s results.
  5. Maximise project outreach by attracting and engaging with a critical mass of target stakeholders, aiming for high participation in the open calls for associated regions, broad awareness of results and findings, market take-up in industrial sectors, and sustainable and collaborative community development.

Project duration:

2023 – 2026


Number: 101112824