Climos data results link climate change

Climos data results link climate change Start CLIMOS data results link climate change to shifts in sand fly distribution, escalating leishmaniasis concerns When we think of arthropods carrying infectious diseases, mosquitoes and ticks often come to mind. However, there’s a third vector that’s relatively unfamiliar but equally relevant: sand flies. Sand flies are tiny, hairy-winged […]

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CLIMOS Workshop

Climos Workshop Start CLIMOS project joined three dozen stakeholders on a workshop to co-create its Early Warning System platform On September 22nd, a dynamic gathering of approximately 30 distinguished professionals and experts from diverse domains, including healthcare, policymaking, citizens, and veterinary governance, convened to deliver valuable insights on the core achievements of CLIMOS.   The focal

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iMERMAID EU project

iMERMAID EU project Start CubexLab has recently joined a groundbreaking European Union funded project that aims to enhance and develop innovative technological solutions for the monitoring and sustainable management of marine ecosystems. This project represents a significant step forward in our collective efforts to address the pressing challenges faced by our oceans and ensure their

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Possibilities of 6G Networks

Possibilities of 6G Networks Start As we continue to rely on technology for nearly every aspect of our lives, connectivity has become increasingly important. From streaming video content to managing smart home devices, we need fast, reliable networks to keep us connected. That’s where 6G networks come in. 6G networks are the next generation of

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